Too often, we hear stories about flophouses where drugs and alcohol go unchecked by supervisors. Our aim is to rebuild the credibility of sober houses in Massachusetts. All of our facilities are stable, safe environments for people to achieve their wellness goals and every home comes fully-equipped with single and double occupancy rooms, as well as refurnished kitchens and common living room. Please see more information about the various locations in the panel to the right.
Solutions Group provides a comprehensive list of sobriety and improved living services for all of our clients.
These services include:
  • Secure & Sober Living Accommodations
  • In House Sobriety Meetings
  • Resume Building
  • Job Location
  • Insurance Paperwork Services
  • Detox Facility Information
  • Drug Testing
  • Direct Support
  • Communication with Court Systems
  • And so much more...
You can avail of any of the services above at any of our sober house locations which can be seen in the bar to the right. Just select a location for more info.